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We opened Burrito Grill on December 6th 2003 with a little dream. Letís make fantastic food, in a clean environment, and build a business that we want to come to every day. We designed Burrito Grill with an open kitchen because we believe customers should see where their food comes from.

We hired employees that were fun and courteous and willing to implement our wish to treat customers with respect and friendliness. Our dream is thriving seven years later. We continue to make awesome, fresh food. We still have fantastic employees. We have become a place in our small community that welcomes people to come and hang out. We have a family-friendly atmosphere where our customers have become our friends. Come try us out, just not on Sundays or Mondays, thatís reserved for family time.

We are well known for our burritos that average about a pound. We also serve tacos, quesadillas, and salads. A favorite for all customers is to grab one of our family packs of chips and salsa or queso on the way home. Much better than the grocery store variety thatís been sitting on the shelf. You choose your ingredients at our place to build your food the way you like it. Choose from our three meats (ground beef, fajita chicken, or pulled pork), a variety of fresh vegetables, four handmade salsas, all come together to make your combination the way you like it. Donít forget to get creative and mix it up with each visit! We have thousands of combinations and the possibilities are endless.

So ten years, two babies, and a few new menu items later we still stand in Blanchard growing strong. Our motto is to keep it simple and do it well. With food this fresh, you wonít be disappointed.